Windsor Hiking

With so many trails and beautiful walking paths in town, most residents of Windsor partake in hiking for either sport or recreation. The hiking community of Windsor benefits from the efforts of the Parks and Recreation Departments of both their own town, as well as the larger Sonoma County area. The department is continually working on peaking the interest of non-hikers while also keeping hiking fun and interesting to the more experienced participants.


There are plenty of community parks and trails in Windsor that offer great scenery, exercise, and relaxation for hikers. Foothill Regional Park even recently participated in Sonoma County’s Trails Challenge. The challenge encouraged individuals and families to hike five or more separate trails hand-picked and included in the Trails Challenge Guidebook anytime before December 1, 2014. The challenge hopes to allow people an opportunity to become more comfortable with the trails in their town, as well as with their own ability to exercise in the outdoors.