Windsor Singles Events

Single in Windsor? You are in luck. There are plenty of things to do in Windsor that allow you to enjoy being single while providing the chance to meet someone special, or at least make a few good friends.


The Sonoma Wine Country Singles Party is an awesome group of like-minded single people throughout the area. Adults of all ages are welcome to join the group. All you need is ten dollars and a friendly mood to have a great time with this group. Your money will buy you a tasting of four different wine flavors, appetizers, and great company. The group typically meets right here in town, though other wineries may be explored eventually. If you are single and you love wine, look no further than this great group of new friends.


There are also church events and great volunteer opportunities with any of Windsor’s local charitable organizations. Volunteering at or attending any of those events is a great way to integrate yourself into the single scene in town. Volunteering provides the chance to meet other people with passions similar to your own, whereas attending church events or social groups ensures that you will meet other people who share the same faith as you believe.