Windsor Neighborhoods

Windsor is a great mid-sized town in the state of California. The town is split into six constituent neighborhoods and is considered the 265th largest community in the state. Though Windsor’s housing costs are among the highest in the nation, compared to the more expensive communities in the state, housing can be relatively affordable. The town is ethnically diverse, low in crime, and highly educated. The neighborhoods in Windsor are as follows:


Downtown is the neighborhood that hosts the most events, like Windsor’s Farmers Markets. All of the happenings of the downtown neighborhood are managed by the Old Downtown Windsor Merchants Association. This neighborhood is vibrant and lively.


The Foothills
The Foothills neighborhood is best known for its gorgeous scenery, namely because the Foothill Regional Park is located here.


Shiloh is a neighborhood focused on shopping, community, and landscape. In Shiloh, you will find the Shiloh Center, a retail shopping area that includes large stores like Home Depot and Wal Mart.


Town Green Village
Town Green Village has a strong sense of community held together by its many retail stores, restaurants, wine bars, and professional offices for its residents to work.